Austin Queen

Austin QueenCurrently, my paintings are an exploration into memory and it’s distortion though time. I find it fascinating how memories are pliable and change each time we remember an event. Because of this desire to stabilize the fleeting, we turn to photography as a way to record our thoughts, feelings, and identities so that they are unwavering. While photography has the ability to document these ephemeral moments and ideas, the context for the image’s occurrence, however, is often withheld creating an uncertain narrative.

By appropriating found snapshots and augmenting them with collage, mark-making, and digital manipulation, I am able to explore the narrative provided by the image, while also examining issues concerning my subject’s identity. Because I have no relation to the subjects I use, I am placed at a distance allowing me to use those individuals and their setting as representations of my own encounters, experiences, and environments. I choose to create these paintings on a large scale so that the viewer becomes a participant in these narratives.