Troy Allen Lockard

(1909-1990) A native of San Diego, Helen “Troy” Gwendolyn Allen picked up the name she came to be known by while attending Texas State College for Women (now known as Texas Women’s College). She graduated in 1932, obtaining a costume and interior design degree. After college, she worked in the advertising department for Burdine’s of Miami and Neiman Marcus in Dallas. After five years in the advertising world, Allen began her teaching career at Texas Tech College in 1937. Here she taught applied art and interior design before returning back to Texas State Women’s College to obtain a master’s degree in interior design. In 1940 she married Robert Lockard. Allen was primarily influenced by attending workshops under Carlotta Corpron and Lazlo Moholy-Nagy. In 1936 Allen’s modern art pieces were exhibited at Texas Centennial Exposition at Dallas in 1936. Allen’s Modernist interpretations of the southwest helped to cultivate an artistic world to thrive in West Texas. (Information compiled by Trisha Nemec)

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